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980 HE                                                   Click image to view video

The new CA Linear 980 HE 9-axis all electric boost bender with 500mm tooling height and options for tangent boost; cut-off and others.

CNC tube bender offers multiple, fully automatic bending cycles.
The relatively small size of the bending head allows the creation of close shapes, in a single cycle, even for tubes that normally require two-way bending. This provides significant gains in productivity and accuracy.
The bending head allows the simultaneous use of multiple types of tooling including different radii, compound clamps, and variable radius dies.
All axes are driven by electric motors with digital technology and controlled by a Siemens 840D sl CNC; there are no hydraulics. This provides high quality, energy conservation, and low (to zero) waste setup.
The high production speed, the ability to integrate special devices, and the possibility of creating bends with a radius of less than 0.8D or push with variable radius bends (optional) mean that these machines are mainly used by those working in the automotive, aerospace, urban design, and shipbuilding industries.
With the device "Tangent Boost" (optional) the machine can push axially on the tube during bending in the bending former/wiper-die zone to reduce wasted tube by reducing required cut lengths. The operator programs the machine through an intuitive interface on color LCD screen. The three-dimensional graphics software, UII "User ISO Interface", facilitates the programming, simulation, and optimization of the bending cycle.

For over half a century, Crippa SpA has designed and produced machines and devices at the technological forefront of metal tube manipulation.www.tekbend.com Bending and end forming machines perfectly suited to the needs of the most demanding applications. Quality, productivity and innovation integrated with the highest levels of automation.
GOODRIDGE Fluid Transfer Systems invests in two state of the art Crippa CA520 5-axis CNC tube bending machines, purchased to produce advanced fluid transfer systems for high performance UK automobile manufacturers.
The tube bending machine CA520 has been completely studied and realized in Europe by Crippa; joining the current needs of tube bending users with the most up-to-date available technologies to create a 20mm OD left/right stack-tool machine with automatic loading capability as standard.
The result is a bending system which without exaggerating; will astonish those who thought that in this field "there was not much news left to tell".
CA LINEAR 942E XS is the new 42mm 9-axis all electric bending machine with numeric control to obtain complex geometries within a fully automatic cycle.
The small dimensions of the bending head guarantee the machining in one single cycle of tubes that normally require double bending direction.
The possibility of using tools with different radii and locking systems allows very quick production changes without any adjustment.
High precision and repeatability, bending with extremely small radius (Rm/Ø < 0.8) or with variable radius and the easy loading (both manual and automatic) enabled by the head movement make this machine suitable for the furnishing, air-conditioning, aeronautic and automotive sector
Dear Sirs,
We thank you very much for your kind visit at our stand during "EMO 2009” exhibition and for the kind interest you showed in our production of tube bending machines and end forming machines.
We confirm you the availability of our technicians to estimate with you all your needs and to propose you our best solutions in the bending and forming field of metal tubes.
At your complete disposal for any further information you may need, we remain
Yours faithfully.
Antonio Crippa
Executive Vice President
This brand new machine was created to bend Aluminium tubes with a maximum Dia. of 20 mm. It can bend right and left with different bending planes. The movement of the bending head has been patented by Crippa. Its main application is for the automotive sector. This machine is considered highly innovative in the market of tube bending machines, and therefore, we would like to give you some more information concerning hybrid tubes, their bending method, and bending machine Crippa CA IBRI.
A “hybrid tube” refers to a tube, which is composed of tubes of different materials, which are joined together. For example, you can have a central tube in rubber which is connected on its extremities with two metal tubes or you can have a central metal tube which is joined with two rubber tubes. Hybrid tubes are mainly used for car hydraulic systems.
Until today, the bending method of this kind of tubes has been made according to consolidated praxis. For example, if you have two metal tubes joined with a central rubber one, you’ll have to administer the following bending steps:
- You must bend the first metal tube
- After having bent the first metal tube, you must bend the second one
- After the first two steps you have to join the seam of the bent metal tubes with the extremities of the rubber tube.
It is a quite simple productive process, but it requires a high volume of production. At the moment the bending and the assembling process of hybrid tubes is very expensive as it is subjected to constraints and criticalities such as:
- the need to have some gauges to assemble and seam three or more than three tubes by using press machines.
- the possible loss of fluids in correspondence of the connections and the consequent need to make tests on the tubes, which are very expensive (in particular long tubes). The gas tubes belong to a category of products which are subject to very severe rules and directives concerning security and environment.
- The intensive employment of human manual work with consequent loss of productivity.
The market has long been asking for better solutions, which could reduce the above listed limits, in order to get higher levels of productivity, flexibility and global efficiency.
Crippa’s answer to these questions is embodied in it's bending machine CA IBRI. which offers the following innovative options:
- The possibility to bend “extra-long” tubes thanks to its collet which is placed in the centre of the tube while “traditional” ones are located on one of the extremities of the tube
- The possibility to test straight tubes which are already seamed. This means that you can spare time and money and you don’t need any gauges to assemble the tubes.
- The process becomes safer thanks to its high degree of automation
- The tubes can be assembled automatically before bending. This is a remarkable innovation compared to the traditional process in which the tubes were assembled only after bending and the assembling could be made only manually.
- The working cycle is continuous. It is never stopped to handle the tube.
- Great precision while working: the final bent tube perfectly corresponds to project requirements (drawings, samples) thanks to the particular process applied to bending cycle, which was thought by Crippa to contain any possible shift that can occur during the bending process due to the elasticity of rubber.
- Very flexible and easy programming of CNC Siemens, thanks to the software interface designed by Crippa.
- Possibility of additional tube processes on tube extremities thanks to special accessories that can be added to the machine.
Tubology, march 2009 - CRIPPA OPENHOUSE - 20/04/2009PIPE BENDING
It is the new pipe bending machine that has just been introduced on the market.
It is provided with 13 axes CNC control, and it can bend pipes with a diameter of up to 42 mm. It is an extremely versatile machine that sums up Crippa’s 60 years of experience in this sector. Due to its structure, and the technological solutions that are very innovative, this machine can be used in different sectors, from furnishing to automotive to that of industrial plants. We would like to mention some of the innovative solutions and the advantages of SIXTY 1342:
The new Sixty 1342 together with the traditional cross head movement is provided with a redundant head rotation that allows it to perform movements that cannot be matched by other machines. The high flexibility means a high freedom in production, as well as a larger loading area, allowing the user to load the pipe directly in the matrix or to use loading clamps. Sixty 1342 has several degrees of freedom, and this allows to have an infinite number of positions for the pipe orientation during the bending process, without risking to interfere with the machine structure during the operation. Sixty 1342 is fully electrical, and the bends can be performed to the right or to the left. The switch from hydraulic controls to the electric ones brings several advantages such as: a drastic reduction in maintenance costs, both preventive and corrective; an increased simplicity in building because there is one single energy source; an increased productivity due to the lack of waiting times to get the oil, used for the hydraulic system, to the right temperature; the elimination of oil cooling procedures; a total absorbance of the vapors and the oily emulsion in the environment; the lack of hydraulic leaks, and finally a remarkable energy conservation. The use of electric engines of the last generation, which are digital and without brushes, grants an increased precision, reliability, and repeatability of the processes. Furthermore, the electric machines are also less noisy, and they can fully meet the existing laws as well as those to come, which are going to be even more restrictive. Finally, we would like to point out also the ecologic aspect that is represented by the great energy conservation thanks to the increased productivity of the electric machine in comparison to the hydraulic machine.
In March Crippa hs introduced a brand new shaping machine, called ‘DIAGONAL’. This machine has a deformation power of 8 tons, and – aside from the traditional tapering of pipe ends and rolling operations – it can remove shavings, and it can perform other basic operations such as pipe threading and trimming. ‘DIAGONAL’ sums up all the experience gained by the company throughout the years, it has a catching design, and it provides the market with concrete and innovative solutions that can meet the criteria of the most demanding customers in terms of: - functionality and flexibility - sturdiness, reliability, productivity - ergonomics, easy maintenance, cleanness - encumbrance We want to describe this new machine by analyzing these features one by one.
The most evident news, as far as planning solutions are concerned, consist in the setting of the board that holds punches, which is inclined at an angle of 30° (from this feature comes the name of the machine ‘DIAGONAL’); the frame placed underneath it to collect and convoy down the lubricating oil as well as the wood shavings making the voiding easier. You just need to see DIAGONAL during a working cycle to understand how this solution is effective. We are going to describe the main technical features – some of which are very innovative – that give this machine high functionality, ease of use and versatility: - blocking clamp aligned with the frame to allow the user to change the tools in a quicker way - tool changing beam that holds up to 7 standard places (that can be increased) - pre-locking of the clamps that is done in an automatic way with all the safety measures - one single area to top up the liquids, which is placed at the back of the machine - increased dimensions of the frame to contain even more encumbering punches - a detached console to allow the integration in work isles There are also several standard accessories, among which the pneumatic predisposition to use the machine for particular works, the bright column to indicate the status of the machine, the internal lightning etc. There are also many more customizable accessories that can satisfy even the most sophisticated demands.
Thanks to the quality and the reliability of the components used, and the planning solutions adopted as well as the peculiar sturdiness of the machine – that weighs 2,5 tons – it is now possible a continuous daily use that is far higher than that of similar machines, with an extreme precision and a repeatability. The machine can be integrated in work isles that can be also completely automated.
Crippa’s technical office has worked also on the structure of this new machine, and the results that were achieved are very satisfactory. Among the solutions that we can mention, we want to point out the following ones: - the warping head has guides with the right protections in order to avoid a build-up of waste and to avoid to damage the guides. - A particular lubrication system that can avoid the contamination of lubrication oil in the pipe - Scrap discharge from the back side - Accessibility to the work area from two sides: from the front part and sideways; this enhances the performances and simplifies, thanks to the two large doors, the maintenance and the installation. - The machine is completely closed, and it is provided with a fit to vacuum fumes and emulsion oils, and this would of course mean a better quality of the air inhaled by the operators. - Decreased noise in the area surrounding the working space - Heat dissipation from the top (hot air leaves from the roof of the machine) instead than from the side; this allows to place the machine in a position that is almost adjacent to other machines, saving room and avoiding a potential overheating of the machines close by. - The maintenance of the electric parts is executed working at the back of the machine - The maintenance is easier thanks to the orderly disposition of the different accessories - Oleodynamic central external to the machine - The scrap discharge can be done directly on the conveyor belt - The machine is predisposed to be transported easily with the use of a fork lift So far we have introduced the basic model of the machine, but there are so many different and interesting optional accessories that can enhance its performances, and for this reason DIAGONAL can be defined as a real Working Center that can be used in all working environments, even those that are highly automated, where wood shaving removal and warping works are performed.
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