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AWS Induction Bending

We can provide support in the field of machine building for pipe forming in the following fields:

In addition, we offer the appropriate tooling technology for the selected process.
We are successful with our Pipe Forming Machines in diversified markets worldwide. We realize single process specific assembly groups/production cells through to complete solutions. We are working in conjunction with selected experienced partners, who support us during the integration of large projects fulfilling customer’s detailed requirements.

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Our scope of supply addresses supports for special application with the appropriate machine concept. Over 20 years experience in the field of Hydroforming products and machines assures you that the right machine is delivered for the defined application.

Some of the application fields can be categorized as fuel cells, exhaust gas systems, structure parts for automotive and sanitary equipment to name but a few. We develop and provide the optimal manufacturing process which starts with component appraisal, prototype parts and tooling, production line concept and implementation encompassing production tools, resulting in a “supply all from one hand” philosophy.
Hydroforming Machines With a closing force of: 3.000 - 400.000 kN supplied with various table sizes. • •Hydroforming Pipe Testing Machines
Machines for the verification of material parameters by means of a burst test. Testing diameter up to: 180 mm Testing pressure up to: 4 000 bar • •Hydroforming Tooling
Tools for development as well as tools for series part manufacturing, designed as monobloc, or with inserts which can be changed.

Pipe Testing
Presses (Hydro Static Tester) These machines are used for pressure proof tests of line-, drill-, casing pipes within various norms and specifications (API, DIN, ….).
All machines can be delivered as individual machines as well as being fully integrated in a process line. •Testing pressures up to 2000 bar Diameter up to 1650 mm Pipe Lengths up to 18 m

Bending of large pipes with Induction Bending Machines
Our Bending Machines address unique requirements and are in use through a range of products. Our customers are suppliers and end users in the field of petrochemical engineering, pipeline technology, pipeline engineering and steel construction.

We deliver the right machine design for the prerequisite application.
Our Induction Bending Machines range form
•Diameter from 50 up to 1 650 mm Possible
•Bending radii 1,5 x D up too 10 m 
•Pipe wall thicknes max. 100 mm
Application for all usual pipeline steels as well as exotic steels.

Pipe Calibration Machines
These machines are utilized within the “pipe in pipe” technology (Pipe Lining), to produce dual wall pipes which have a stainless steel pipe expanded into a carbon steel pipe.

Calibrating pipes (e.g. out of round pipes) which have been deformed in a previous process to the target shape.

Pipe lenghts of 6 m, 12 m and 18 m
Diameter from 200 mm up to 800 mm
Wall thickness up to 38 mm
Materials stainless steel, carbon steel and other alloys.

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